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Modification and Enforcement of Court Orders

After a divorce or other family law issue is resolved, you may find yourself back in court seeking or opposing modification or enforcement of an original order. Circumstances that justify a change include illness, job loss, remarriage or relocation. I offer experienced and strategic advocacy focused on protecting my clients through the modification or enforcement legal process.

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Modification or enforcement of custody or visitation terms

Even after a custody or visitation schedule is established, you may need experienced advocacy to seek or oppose the modification or enforcement of an original order. If you are the primary custodial parent, you will need a court-sanctioned modification to relocate with the child or to change the existing parenting plan. I effectively represent your rights and protect your interests.

Modification or enforcement of alimony or spousal support

After a job loss or illness you may be unable to pay spousal support. If you currently receive spousal support, you may need an increase to compensate for a loss of income. I will skillfully protect your rights in alimony modification or enforcement proceedings.

Modification or enforcement of child support

I have significant experience handling modification and enforcement of child support orders. I frequently work with primary caregivers seeking the enforcement of a child support order to collect unpaid obligations. As your attorney, I will initiate an enforcement order, argue that the obligor should be held in contempt of court, implement the judgment, and have costs and sanctions imposed where appropriate. I can also defend you if your ex-spouse seeks the modification or enforcement of a child support order.

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