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Child Support Disputes in Bristol, Connecticut

At the time of a divorce, paternity action or dissolution of a civil union, parents often find themselves in a dispute over child support. You must know your rights and action to take to protect your financial interests. I offer strategic advocacy focused on the best interests of my clients and their children in child support disputes.

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While child support payments are calculated based on statutory guidelines, an experienced attorney ensures that the incomes used for support computations are accurate and represent the actual earning capacity of both parties. The court has discretion to impute income to parties based on full earning potential. Whether you are seeking child support or are required to pay, I work aggressively and accomplish a fair judgment. I will thoroughly examine the other spouse’s income using methods of discovery including subpoena of records, employer records and bank statements.

Child support litigation attorney

While some child support determinations can be settled out of court using divorce mediation or negotiation, other cases involve litigation and detailed hearings before a judge. I have extensive experience in courtroom advocacy and will aggressively assert your rights and interests.

I have handled child support litigation involving:

  • Child support obligors who have lost a job and are unable to pay
  • Child support obligors who have taken a step down in earnings
  • Child support obligors who have manipulated earnings or quit a job to avoid payment
  • Primary caregivers seeking an increase in support obligations
  • Self-employed obligors who do not properly report income

Modifications and enforcement of child support orders

Circumstances can change after a final order has been made. I represent clients who seek to enforce a child support order and individuals who cannot afford existing support orders because of changed circumstances. If you are unable to pay, it is important to take immediate action to avoid contempt charges for unpaid child support.

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