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In Good Hands

When one is faced with the event of a divorce, the mere word strikes fear on all levels. Questions such as: Will I see my children? How much will I lose? Am I going to suffer for the rest of my life? All valid questions; however, my fears about my unavoidable divorce were laid to rest when I first met Attorney Christopher Storm.

Upon first meeting Attorney Storm, I knew that I was going to be in good hands. I left the office feeling that Mr. Storm would offer impeccable representation as I went through this painful process. Upon speaking to my peers, my mind was at ease as I learned the reputation of impeccable service Mr. Storm possesses for his clients.

During my first consultation Mr. Storm explained in great detail my rights and how he would protect them. Comfort came over me as I listened and digested his wealth of knowledge when it came to family law. Secondly, Mr. Storm insured me how he will utilize his knowledge, aggressive litigation strategies, and laser sharp focus to make sure I was treated fairly. The next day I returned to his office with his retainer fee.

Throughout the course of my divorce, I always felt Mr. Storm was the best advocate that money could buy. My questions (telephone calls or emails) were answered promptly and thoroughly. When issues would arise, Mr. Storm provided thoughtful yet strategic advice to assist me in my case. Needless to say, as the day of the divorce came, I couldn’t have been happier with my results. Because of Attorney Storm’s representation, I was able to maintain the lifestyle I worked so hard to achieve!

In conclusion, divorce is not an easy decision to make. It was never my decision…However, when faced with a life changing event; you need to protect your assets and your personal rights. Christopher Storm went above and beyond to ensure my future. His tenacious character and hard work ethic is what makes him stand out above the rest. By keeping his client’s “best interest” in mind, I would recommend Attorney Storm to anyone that is faced with a family dispute. I cannot say enough about this man…I was treated with dignity, respect, and encouragement throughout the most painful and challenging time I my life. If you want the best, look no further than Attorney Christopher Storm!


Dear Chris,

Now that the dust has settled and I have had time to collect my thoughts I wanted to express my thoughts of appreciation for the service you did for me. I remember coming to you over six months ago not knowing what was going to happen. You led me step by step, very carefully and made the process as painless as can be. Your advice proved to be very wise and straight forward (even though I was hardheaded in listening to it). After just a few visits you put my mind at ease. It wasn’t until I saw you operate in the actual New Britain Court system where I saw you shine. You seemed to glide through the tasks and responsibilities brought forth in front of you. You were able to easily handle any unforeseen circumstance like a professional master of the craft. Yet, through it all, you had the best interests of your clients as priority number one.

Today was another example of revealing the true talents and gifts you have that are used to accomplish all your tasks. You made this day as comfortable as possible and worked out any problems in a flash. You gave me a new start on life. You gave me a second chance. You gave me another reason not to give up. You gave me more than I asked for and more than I expected or deserved to receive.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your compassion and patience with me and Jennifer will never be forgotten. As I close this email I want to make sure that you are recognized by me as being someone I could trust and count on to help me. Thanks again for your superior service and express resolution to my issues.


Fantastic. I am so relieved. I can’t thank you enough for your persistence, diligence and professionalism throughout this process. I know I was difficult and emotional at times, and I thank you for putting up with me and steering me in the right direction. You truly are great at what you do.